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MP3 Downloads

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I liked explore's idea to post her favorite music
for her members to download @ her graphics journal re_cycled

So I decided to upload some tracks (new and old) for you to enjoy.
Feedback would be great & requests are welcome

Files will expire : O9/23 (YouSendIt)

Elephant Woman (8.94 MB)
Misery Is A Butterfly (8.40 MB)
In Particular (5.48 MB)

All Is Full Of Love (4.39 MB)
Play Dead (7EVEN9EV1LS mix) (9.54 MB)

Blood On Our Hands (2.74 MB)
Romantic Rights (Erol Alkan Remix) (7.32 MB)

Future Sex,Love Sound (4.61MB)
What Goes Around / Comes Back Around (8.55 MB)
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