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minimalmuse's Journal

:: graphics created by katangie ::
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Welcome to minimalmuse, a community for icons, banners, wallpapers & resources...
(mostly fanart & fashionart but you'll find just about anything cause I'm very random)

Created by katangie.

→ You do not have to ask me to join/be added, simply click here to join, please be sure to read the rules below first!
→ & add us to your friends listing, click here.


• Crediting is necessary!
(That way people are able to find me if they like my stuff)

How to give credit:

Still need help? >> Click here for an example tutorial

• Comment when you take anything/let me know what you're enjoying.
• DO NOT modify any of my work unless that post says otherwise.
• If you are using an icon outside of LiveJournal - please credit using "minimalmuse@lj" or something to that effect.
• Do not redistribute or claim my work as your own.
• Do not hotlink. If you want to use something download it to your computer then upload it with your prefered host.


List of Resources I've used can be found in my personal userinfo. I try my best to give credit so if you're missing from my list - please accept my apology & comment in my most recent post & I'll add you to the list!

Awards I've won are on display here.

Affiliates - Comment in most recent post to be considered.


Suggestions are always welcome.
Thank-you for stopping by, hopefully you enjoyed & will come by again soon.


My other communities:
misc_challenge : _elite_angelina : stegnerstills_ : katangie

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